A Corrugated Sign Turns A Yard Sale Into A Can't-Miss Sale

Inside your garage, basement, attic, and spare bedroom rest many treasures. Unfortunately, you cannot keep the rarities due to limited space. Finding a new home for your belongings might not be too complicated, though. A yard sale could help you make money on exquisite belongings while ensuring the items go to someone who values them. Of course, for this scenario to play out, you need interested buyers. Not everyone in the neighborhood takes yard sales seriously. They might assume the only things up for sale is "junk." A better promotional strategy may change opinions. Using a well-illustrated, corrugated yard sign could lead people to your makeshift antique shop on the front lawn.

Corrugated Signs Make Better Business Sense

Writing "Yard Sale" on cardboard and displaying an address conveys info for sure. Unfortunately, people also think the merchandise for sale is cheap and probably worthless. If you want to sell custom jewelry, beautiful artwork, well-maintained furniture, and other valuables, investing in a professionally made sign makes sense. Resultant sales may more than pay for the sign. Here are a few things to think about when weighing options for such a sign:

  • The Sign Implies Quality: A full-color printed sign can change perceptions. People may connect the sale with a business-like approach instead of a traditionally disorganized yard sale. Professional signs imply professionalism. If what you sell genuinely has value, you want to appear more business-like. The right sign helps to attract potential customers.
  • The Sign Displays Illustrations: A clear visual image does a lot for getting across the value of the merchandise. Reproducing photographs of an impressive bedroom set shows onlookers that the sale has many gems. If they don't go, they might miss out on great deals on equally great merchandise. Taping photo printouts onto a cardboard sign won't deliver the same effect.
  • The Sign Reveals Commitment: An on-off yard sale isn't likely to present anything impressive. Someone who commits to several periodic yard sales doesn't appear to be in a rush to unload cheap second-hand items. He/she seems intent to procure the right price on valuable merchandise. Consider this part of the marketing psychology associated with professional signage.

Modern yard-sign printing relies on advanced technology that creates visually captivating materials. Spend some time with a print shop's representative to discuss the right design and look. This way, a yard sale moves quality merchandise at a fair and reasonable price.