The Reasons You Should Have Guardrails Installed On Your Shopping Mall Property

You might be the owner of either a large shopping mall or perhaps you own a smaller mall that is situated beside a busy highway. In either case, you most likely have a large parking lot that borders several buildings or roadways. Installing guardrails on your property at strategic points can help prevent several types of accidents or even direct traffic where you want it to go.

Why should you install guardrails on your shopping mall property? Here are some good reasons.

Your Property Has Ramps

If your property has ramps either leading to higher parking lot areas or perhaps part of the roadways on your property goes over an existing highway to a separate overflow parking lot, you might consider installing guardrails.

If your customers are having to drive upwards toward a parking structure and the turns might be somewhat tight, it's possible that could cause a dangerous driving situation in the winter months. Ramps can become slippery and tires might not catch the road. Guardrails will prevent cars from skidding off the roadways and hopefully preventing a crash.

Building Protection

If your mall's roadways are somewhat narrow and don't offer a lot of space for cars to pass each other, you might want to install guardrails beside the building on corners where the road curves. There are times that some drivers take turns a bit too fast and might end up hitting the side of the building.

In order to prevent any damage to windows or the structure of the building, and to prevent injuries to your customers, installing a guardrail at certain points along your building can be a good idea.

Protect Green Areas

It's possible that your mall backs onto green space, either a park or an undeveloped area that you would like to protect from parking cars or anyone driving over it. If you install a guardrail at these areas, you can help to protect any green space you would like to keep cars off of, and if it's a park where children play, you can help protect the play areas of families.

Divide the Roadway From Your Mall

You might want to make sure that when customers are coming to your mall that they don't miss the entrance. If you install guardrails along the border of your property and the main road, you can help direct traffic toward your buildings instead of them heading back toward the road.

This is helpful if the road is wide and signage might not be as clear as to where drivers are to go to enter your property. You can help divert them from the main roadway to your shopping space.

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