Are You Ready To Launch Your New Restaurant? 3 Types Of Signs You Need To Increase Customer Interest

You've poured all of your energy into planning your restaurant business, and the day for the grand opening is finally drawing near. While watching everything finally come together is exciting, there are still a few finishing touches to put on the place before it's fully ready to host the first hungry customers. Restaurant signage is critical for attracting new customers and informing your regulars about upcoming specials and new menu offerings. Now that you've got the basics in place, be sure to get these three types of signs that help to generate revenue.

Start With a Storefront Sign

Storefront signs come in a variety of styles, and the right one for your restaurant should be visible from the street and capable of being seen at anytime that your business is open. Typically, the building that you use for your restaurant will already have a billboard stand or sign hanger in place that you can use as a basis for selecting the type you need when you visit the sign shop. Once you have a basic type of sign in mind, you can then begin the process of selecting materials and options that fit your brand. For instance, you can choose to include LED lights on a pylon sign to make sure that everyone knows your restaurant is open.

Put Up a Relevant Menu Board

When patrons visit your restaurant for the first time, they are eager to know what is on the menu. If your restaurant has walk-up service, then you need a menu board that hangs over the counter and is easily visible from a distance. For this type of menu, consider one with features such as a magnetic board or digital options that allow you to swap out items as needed. For sit-down style restaurants, consider a smaller sign that you can use to display specials at the entrance to entice customers to come inside.

Announce Special Events With Banners

During your initial meeting with a sign company, be sure to discuss any future events that you anticipate over the upcoming year. This way, they can help you to create banners that attract attention to special events such as the grand opening or a new menu item. If your restaurant includes rotating sources of entertainment or special nights, then quality banners make it easy to advertise.

When it comes to marketing your restaurant, you still can't beat the visibility that the right sign provides. Since many of your customers will be looking for somewhere to eat as they walk or drive down the street, making sure that you incorporate a variety of signs in your marketing plan ensures that you always catch potential customers' eyes. Contact a local sign company for more information.