New Sign For Your Lobby? Installation Tips

Every business can be glamorized with the appearance of a lobby sign. A sleek sign could be the first thing to impress new clients that visit, and it can give employees a sense of renewed pride in their workplace. If you've been working with sign designers like Beaverton signs along the way, installation may seem like the easy part. How can you ensure it is?

Check on Permits

If permits haven't materialized, whether because you haven't applied or are waiting for approval, track them down. Call the municipal office, stop over, or ask your installer. Permits are a tedious part of this process, but without them, you could be jeopardizing some of your business profit when it's needed for various fines for permit violations. Don't guess; know the application status and schedule installation after approval.

Prepare Wall

The sign could be beautiful, but if it's not mounted on a good surface, problems could occur. The lobby wall you're using should be smoothed, washed, painted, and dried well before the sign gets there.

Some walls have lots of holes and hooks from past signs or other things. Patch every hole and remove hooks so that the installers have a smooth surface. Washing should involve a gentle wall cleaner, or even a dish soap. Using something too strong could affect the adhesiveness of your sign, especially if the sign is a vinyl decal. Paint primers can also smooth out the surface and provide a nice foundation for the paint and sign. Two coats of paint are smart; you don't want to have a new, gorgeous sign sitting on a dull, flaking surface. Finally, that paint must have adequate drying time; consult paint manufacturers and sign installers about the time which should pass before the sign goes up.

Double-Check Measurements

When the sign is delivered, just after unwrapping or opening boxes, double-check measurements. The installation crew is likely to do that, but you should also be engaged regarding whether the sign will fit in the space you've made for it. If measurement errors exist, you can troubleshoot or reschedule so you can do other prepwork.

Create a Cabling Plan

If your lobby sign is electric, cords will need to be placed to avoid falling workers or tripping clients. Work with sign installers to create a cabling plan.

The lobby will look glorious after completion; paving the way with these sign installation recommendations is wise. Ask installers for more sign-prepping pointers.