Why You Should Have Professionals Install Your Business Signs

No matter what type of business you own, if you expect people to come to you, you need to have at least one sign signifying where you are. Most businesses have a sign on the door and then one somewhere in front of the establishment by the street. While you can put up a simple sign that you nail to your front door, anything that is lighted or needs to be lifted up onto a pole should be installed by a professional. Here are just a few reasons to seek out a sign installation company.

Permits and Regulations

Most municipalities have rules and regulations regarding the placement of signage. There will be size limitations, placement regulations, and often, a permit will be required. A professional sign company will know all the regulations, even the new ones that seem to occur regularly. This will ensure that once your sign is up, the city is not going to tell you to move it or change it. In addition, the technicians will be sure to take care of getting any needed permits before starting the work.


Trying to lift a large lightbox up onto a pole requires special equipment. It would require renting a scaffold and probably some type of boom truck to get the job done. Unless you happen to have these things sitting around, and know how to operate the truck, you will need to rent them and possibly an operator. A sign installation company will have all the necessary equipment and the experience to get the job done quickly and properly.


Your business insurance might not cover any damage or injuries that happen if there is an accident while trying to install the sign. they can claim that it is not a normal part of your business operations. If your policy will cover a problem, it is still going to cost you the deductible and could cause your payments to increase. However, a professional company will be sure to have insurance for anything that happens while they are working or if there is a problem with the work they did that causes an accident in the future.

You want your business signs to be installed properly and safely. It really is not something that just anyone can easily do. Instead of trying it yourself and ending up spending a lot of time and money trying to get everything just right, hire a sign installation company. It will be well worth it.