What Features Should You Look For When Buying Power Pole Tags?

If you own or are in charge of maintaining power poles, such as if you're a part of a utility company, then you might be ready to purchase power pole tags. After all, power pole tags are great for identifying and working with power poles. There are quite a few suppliers out there that sell power pole tags, and they sell them in different sizes and shapes. Many of them come with different features. There are certain features that you may want to look for when you're buying power pole tags, such as the ones listed here. Then, you can be sure that your utility company is benefited as much as possible by the tags that you purchase and install on your poles.

Large Size

First of all, you will probably want to purchase power pole tags in a larger size. Most power poles are rather large in diameter and tall in height. Therefore, smaller power pole tags might not be all that noticeable on them, particularly if you're driving or walking by. If you choose larger power pole tags, on the other hand, it will be easier for you and your employees to spot them when you're performing checks on your power poles.


Of course, you will want to be sure that your power pole tags are durable and well-made. After all, since they will be attached to outdoor power poles, they will have to withstand rain, snow, wind, and other weather elements. You probably will not want to worry about replacing your power pole tags anytime soon, nor will you want to worry about things like not being able to read them because of running ink or torn tags. Because of these things, you should intentionally look for durable, well-made power pole tags that can withstand the elements. Since power pole tags are typically affordable overall, the additional cost should not be a big deal, and you'll probably find that coughing up a little more cash to purchase durable power pole tags is well worth it.

Bright Coloring

In addition to making sure that your power pole tags are large enough, you should also consider ordering them in bright colors. You may also want to be sure that they are reflective. These are two things you can do if you want your power pole tags to stand out well and be easy to see and read. You can even make use of color-coding by ordering power pole tags in different colors.

For more information on power pole tags, contact a company near you.