Convey More Information And Improve Engagement With Countertop Easel Sign Holders

Are you having issues with getting the engagement you want when you do a special sale or promotion on your sales floor? Do you want to be able to convey more information about a special product or deal even if there is not a sales associate immediately available to talk to each and every customer? One way you might be able to boost engagement with a special display and make more sales within your store would be to upgrade some of the signage you are using to convey this information. A basic price tag might be able to note something is on sale, but most basic price tags aren't large enough to go into detail about why any particular item might be worth extra consideration. To get around this problem, you might want to consider setting up products on a tabletop alongside countertop easel sign holders. Here's how this type of marketing or product setup can benefit both the customer and your business.

An Easel Sign Can Be Much Larger and Have Much More Information Than the Basic Price Tag 

With the right easel sign, you'll be able to print detailed information about whatever it is you are trying to promote. A standard countertop easel might be about the size of a standard sheet of printing paper. But you could go even larger than that with a bigger easel if you really want to attract attention or convey more information. You could list the full specs for the product right on the sign so there are fewer questions for your sales associates. Customers might be more interested in a product if they see some of its additional specs or benefits printed right there in black and white (or color!).

An Easel Sign Will Get People to Stop and Look at the Bigger Than Usual Display and Might Generate Additional Traffic Your Employees Can Capitalize On

If all of your marketing or advertisements throughout the store look identical, you might not be doing a very good job of actually calling extra attention to any specific deal in particular. When there is a much larger sign on display, it can cause someone to slow down just enough as they walk towards a different department. With this slow down or pause, an employee in the area may have the opportunity to greet the customer and fully engage with them on the benefits of the product, even beyond what the sign says.

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